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What a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Does to Help you

Simply put: We work hard to get you money for your injuries.

Compensation usually comes from the insurance company that covered the driver at fault. Vehicles in Florida with 4 or more wheels are required to carry car insurance. After you have been injured in a Orlando motorcycle accident, you will need money to pay for your medical bills and lost wages from missed work. An attorney will  gather evidence, medical bills, and doctors reports to carefully piece together a demand package. This package will have a calculated amount that we believe the insurance company owes our client due to the accident. The demand will usually include payment for endured pain/suffering, medical bills, and lost wages. The insurance company will usually do their own investigation before denying liability, submitting a counter offer, or paying. If the attorney and the insurance company do not come to an agreement, the attorney will file an official lawsuit and take the insurance company to court. That same demand package will be presented to the jury as evidence. Most personal injury cases settle before ever going to court.

Who is Eligible for Compensation?

Motorcycle Riders

If You Were Injured in an Motorcycle Accident Because of Another Vehicle:

Compensation is usually available if you were injured while riding your motorcycle and the accident was caused by another drivers negligence. Drunk driving and distracted driving are common causes of motorycle accidents in Orlando. If the driver does not look twice before pulling out into the intersection an accident can occur. When an accident does happen an attorney will be able to fight the driver at fault’s insurance company for compensation. If the motorcycle rider has uninsured motorist coverage, our firm can fight to recover that money too.

Motorcycle Passengers

If You Were Injured in a Motorcycle Accident because of the Driver you were Riding with:

People can make very dangerous decisions. Motorcycle drivers are no exception. There are all sorts of videos on the Internet showing motorcycle accidents due to the negligence of the driver. What makes it worse is when they risk the lives of others who make the mistake of riding with them. If the driver pops a wheelie and the passenger falls off the driver is liable. If the driver is speeding through traffic, loses control, and drops the bike the driver is liable for the passengers injuries. Our attorneys would go after the drivers insurance coverage to pay for the passengers injuries.

How Much Money Can I Recover For my Motorcycle Accident Injuries?

The amount of compensation you can get depends on 4 basic things: Severity of injuries, Insurance coverage of the other driver, Clear liability, and your Orlando Motorcycle Attorney’s ability to present evidence. The amount of money obtainable for your injuries revolves around what kind of bodily injury coverage the at fault driver was carrying at the time of the accident. Bodily Injury protection (BI) is what pays for the medical expenses if you injure another person with your motorcycle or car. Unfortunately, Florida only requires drivers to carry Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and Property Damage Protection. This means there is a chance the driver that hit you does not even have the right insurance to cover paying for your injuries. The ideal motorcycle accident case is when the bodily injury insurance limits exceed the cost of your injuries. Common Bodily Injury limits are 10K, 25k, 50k, and 100k for regular drivers. Wealthier drivers tend to carry more insurance because they have assets they could potentially lose if sued. Larger company vehicles usually carry at least 1 million dollars in BI coverage. All these variables are why each case is different. The worst situation is when a motorcyclist is gravely injured and the driver who caused the accident either had minimum insurance or no insurance coverage. This is why uninsured motorist coverage exists.

What If I Was Ticketed?

If you are seeking compensation for your injuries and you believe you were wrongfully ticketed for the accident you will have to fight the ticket. Before a personal injury claim can be filed we need to show either clear liability or partial liability. Florida is a comparative negligence state, meaning fault can be divided between parties. If we take on your case and it end up in court, it would be difficult to convince the jury that the other driver was to blame if there is a police officer who is testifying against you.

Our law firm does not fight traffic tickets but we do recommend The Ticket Clinic in Orlando.

If you manage to get your ticket dismissed, contact our law firm and we may be able to proceed with your personal injury case.

Help You Find the Right Doctors

If you have not already found a local doctor to treat your injuries we can connect you with one. If the injuries are not obvious we will help set you up an appointment to get an MRI. (Usually motorcycle accident injuries are pretty severe) From there, the medical provider will prescribe a treatment plan.

IMPORTANT: It is incredibly important to adhere to your doctor’s treatment plan if you are pursuing a personal injury case. If you stop going to your treatment the insurance company will try to say that your injuries were not as severe as you claimed them to be. FOLLOW THROUGH WITH ALL MEDICAL TREATMENT. It is what allows us to build your case.

Automobile Accidents Compared to Motorcycle Accidents

If a car gets rear ended by another car at 15 mph, the person who was hit may suffer whip lash and back pain. Their seatbelt, bumper, and overall size of the car would protect them for the most part. Most likely they will not need to go to the emergency room and it’s possible they may even be able to drive the damaged car home. They can access their PIP insurance to instantly cover their medical expenses when they get treatment. They get their car fixed and go about their daily lives.

If a motorcycle gets rear ended by a car at 15 mph, the rider will most likely have to be hospitalized. If they were not wearing a helmet there is a high chance they suffered head trauma and possible brain damage. If a helmet was being worn there still is a good possibility of a broken neck arm or leg. Since Florida does not require motorcyclist to carry PIP insurance the rider will have to immediately go after the other driver’s bodily injury insurance coverage in order to cover medical expenses. A motorcycle accident attorney can usually handle that.

No Injury Thresholds for Motorcycles

Motorcycles are not eligible for Florida’s no fault laws, meaning insurance companies are not required to offer $10,000 in personal injury protection. This also means there is no injury threshold like there is for 4 wheel vehicles. With cars you have to prove permanent injury before you can go after compensation for damages like pain/suffering and medical bills. This is injury threshold is not required with motorcycle accidents as long as they were not at fault.

When a Car Gets Rear Ended…

When a Motorcycle Gets Rear Ended…

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