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Modern technology has come a long way with the automobiles we drive. Cars are much safer then they were even just 30 years ago. Hardened steel, air bags, and seatbelts have been saving the lives of Maitland residents for years. Some luxury cars have computers that detect if the driver is going to hit an object and will automatically bring the car to a stop. We have a long way before this technology trickles down to be standard. In the mean time there will always be victims of negligent drivers on the road. The Maitland lawyers at Franklin & Stites are hungry for justice. They fight tooth and nail for fair and reasonable compensation for those who have been wrongly injured in an auto accident.

What To Do If You Have Been In A Car Accident In Maitland, FL

No matter how minor the crash, the police should always be called out. This will help guarantee the correct information will be exchanged between drivers and establish an official report. If either drivers have been injured, go to the hospital for treatment. If the injuries are minor, make an appointment to get check out by your doctor. If you have car insurance in Florida then you have probably been paying for PIP insurance, (it's required by Florida drivers.) Do not worry about medical bills because your PIP insurance should cover treatment and lost wages up to $10,000 regardless of who caused the accident.

Why You Should Consider Hiring An Accident Attorney

Insurance companies can be a pain to deal with. They are notorious for denying legitimate claims, holding out on paying, and offering low ball settlements to minimize payout. A good attorney will help prevent this from happening. That is exactly what we do. Our goal is to get the most money for our clients who have been injured because of another driver's reckless actions. When we are hired on we gather evidence and take over negotiations with the at fault drivers insurance company. Most cases are settled before they ever reach trial.

Don’t Forget: Less Then 14 Days And Less Than 4 Years

You have up to 14 days to access $10,000 in medical care and lost wages benefits after a car accident. This is the Florida No Fault insurance that you are required to have. The Florida statute of limitations only allows a personal injury case to be pursued if it occurred less than 4 years ago. Any time after 4 years, there is nothing that can be done to help.

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