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One of the largest driving forces of growth in east Orlando is UCF. Each year the area gets more students that come from all over America to pursue their degrees. Alafaya and University drive are incredibly busy roads lined with bars and restaurants. With so many college drivers in one area, automobile accidents are bound to happen. After one does happen the authorities should always be called to report it no matter how minor. If you or a loved one have been in a automobile accident in the Alafaya area contact the attorneys at Orlando car accident lawyer for help. Initial consultations are free.

No legal fees charged unless we obtain money for your accident

This means even if you have no money you can still hire one of our attorneys to represent your case. We do not receive payment unless we get you money for your injuries. We have always operated with this standard because our firm feels that everyone deserves the right to professional legal counsel if they are rich or poor.

It is important to seek treatment within two weeks of an accident

Last year Florida passed a law that required gave drivers only 14 days to obtain medical treatment in order for it to be covered by no fault insurance. This was to prevent fraud and stop people from abusing personal injury protection insurance. PIP insurance gives the driver access to 10K to pay for medical bills and lost wages after an accident no matter who caused the wreck. After a driver's PIP is exhausted our firm will look to the at fault driver's insurance to check if there is coverage. If there is, we can continue collecting evidence to build a strong case against the driver at fault. We start by proving to the at fault driver's insurance company that their insured was fully responsible for the accident. They can either chose to offer our client a reasonable settlement or we take them to court. Auto accident cases are rarely taken to court.

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